Do I need to have a background in education in order to open a JEI Learning Center?

No, but some experience in the field of education and/or business is preferred. The franchisee must have at least a three-year college degree. 

What is the Investment Required to open a JEI Franchise ?

The estimated initial investment required to open a franchise in India is INR 10 TO 20 Lacs

Initial Investment Key Components: Franchise Fee, Rent, Leasehold Improvements, Furniture and Fixtures, Initial Marketing and Initial Training among others

As there are several components to this cost the actual cost could vary quite substantially and this is just to give a very rough estimate to get you started.For more details please email  :

What does the franchise fee include?

The initial franchise fee includes the use of the JEI brand name and its trademarks, the use of workbooks and materials, and other support. The franchise fee also includes the fee for the initial franchise training.

How much is the royalty fee?

The royalty fees (inclusive of cost of books) is 30% of the subject fees. A subject is deemed as a single JEI program taken by a student. A student can be enrolled in more than one subject at a time.

How long is the term of the JEI Franchise Agreement?

The franchise agreement remains effective for a period of five years. The same can be renewed thereafter subject to meeting the prescribed requirements.

Can I run other academic programs besides JEI?

We generally do not allow franchisees to offer other programs that are not provided and/or developed by JEI. A few non-competing programs may be permitted, with written approval, after a full review.